Ashes to Ashes

in memoriam

These Sacred Ash Glaze pieces are made with the ash remains of loved ones, whether human, animal or even trees! “Ashes to ashes…” means that the fire of that being’s life force has been completed and what remains are the ashes.

a loving process

I take those ashes and make colorful ceramic glazes and put them back into the fire. The results bring life back into our memories and the warmth of fire into our hearts. It is a reminder of our love we have for those beings.

For your loved one

These Sacred Ash Memorial Glazes are made with much respect, dignity and lots of heat.

If you would like to memorialize a loved one in a  Sacred Ash Memorial Glaze, please contact us.

About James

James Arena founded the Ceramics Dept. at Loyola University in New Orleans in 1973. After many years of pursuing other talents, James returned to the world of pottery and created these Sacred Ash glaze recipes. His college professor passed away from Hurricane Katrina, so he took his Ash remains and tested recipes in Santa Fe, in which successful glaze formulas and colors were achieved. He now lives in Santa Monica and is creating more of these beautiful memorial glazes.